Berlin based cleaning and home help service that gives respectful employment and promotes social engagement for people with migration backgrounds.

For Companies

Regular cleaning, gardening and general care of in- and outdoor spaces: offices, hotels, retail shops, yoga studios, event spaces, nurseries

Offering a safe box key service

Working with the time schedule of each company

Improving our service with regular contact

Providing an extra cleaner when your regular cleaner is sick

Enabling your company to fulfil its sustainable policy

Using refillable liquids respecting the environment

We come for a visit and we do an offer that meets your needs.

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For Households

Homes get a regular person who they will get to know.

  • Cleaning, ironing, laundry, shopping, cooking and serving meals
  • Gardening, household repairs and car clean
  • Helping before and after moving flat
  • Caring in a home environment and accompanying on a walk or appointments for people

Offering a safe box key service or your helper keeps your key

Giving our employees’ profiles before they start

Making a social introduction first meeting with you and us before starting

Staying with the same helper for longevity of working arrangements

Proposing someone else when your helper doesn’t fit

Communicating directly with your helper enables better cleaning

Price per Hour*
Regular assistance: every week 22,50 €
Regular assistance: every two weeks 23,00 €
Monthly or one-off deep cleaning sessions 23,50 €

*Prices include taxes
Here are estimations to help you according to how big is your flat

Light cleaning 2h 3h 4h
Medium cleaning 3h 4h 5h
Deep cleaning 4h 5h 6h

Indicated times are for estimation purpose and can vary according to flats

Contracts with a two-month trial period.

Private clients may reduce their expenses for household-related services by up to 20%, or 4.000€ per year, source § 35a EStG of German tax law.

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A calm conscience - legality and fairness in your own home or office.

Our Mission

Fair Employment

  • By convincing people that being part of the system is beneficial and making it attractive to get off the social service state money and housing benefits.
  • By hiring directly our employees, meaning that they get health insurance, pension, and paid holiday time.
  • By increasing salaries as per experience and time with us.
  • By arranging working hours around child care issues.
  • By giving the opportunity to non-German speakers to work with us- our job adverts are also in several languages.
  • By participating financially in the transportation time between two jobs.
  • By arranging working hours around regular German classes for our long term employees.
  • By encouraging students to arrange their weekly work schedule around class attendance.

Social & Environment

  • By making available times in our office for giving supportive advice in administrative tasks, for example; filling out governmental forms in German.
  • By building a social network through regular social meetings, such as collective lunches, a monthly cooking event (making food from different cultures) and our annual event gathering customers and our staff.
  • By raising awareness of German regional festivals and cultural aspects through events.
  • By consulting with trained social workers who have experience in migration issues
  • By attending lawyer meetings and helping with document organization.
  • By giving their chance to inexperienced newly arrived young people or to those who are older and therefore shut out of the employment market without impacting the quality of our service.
  • By implementing Collective intelligence* as a tool to improve our modes of working.
  • By supplying BVG cards to our main cleaners or encouraging bike use. We plan to lease soon an electric vehicle for our refill system and equipment.
  • By buying only certified ecological cleaning agents which are being produced not too far away.
  • By offering a refill scheme which saves the usage of many plastic bottles.
Ecological products with a refill system.

About Us

We are a social collective, not a political one.

Collectives differ from cooperatives in that they are not merely focused upon an economic benefit and they share the same interests or work together to achieve a common objective. In Clean Collective, the overall decision-making process remains centralized but our workers are integrated in our DNA as people and voices to listen to. We aim to please our employees as well as our clients. Our profits and our energy are spent to our missions of migration integration and social unity.

Core Team

Olivia Reynolds,


Founder of the company, Olivia Reynolds is also at the origin of Lobe Block building promoting a new way of living together in the heart of Berlin. Originally from London, she has been living there since 2008. The horrid recent Brexit situation and her complicated German passport application made her even more understanding of the concept of boundaries and the difficulty of integration in another country.

Eric Vinsonneau,


Having worked several years in purchasing for industries, Eric Vinsonneau studied a MBA in Corporate Social Responsibility in Paris making him aware of the business world’s actual social and environmental challenges. Due to his previous experiences being in different countries across the world, he understands very much what it is like to be a foreigner in a country.

Angelika Walter,

Office Manager

Being a neighbour of Lobe Block, Angelika Walter has been involved since the beginning of the Clean Collective due to her social interest and her studying law. Being the only native German speaker in the company, she dedicates her working time for the company itself but also supports those employees who need help with understanding local elements.

A Business With Purpose - The Golden Share

We want to achieve in the near future a legal ethical structure, within the German format of a GmbH called the “GOLDEN SHARE”, which would defend our company from ever being sold in the open market, for example from a takeover bid. This would protect our values, concept, employees and clients forever. Under this golden share system, the founders will have Steward Ownership roles for their lifetime only, meaning that 100% of the economic rights and dividends are directed to the mission of the company, not to the founders or decision makers, enabling no future conflict of interests.

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Our Story

“I built the Lobe Block, a building in Berlin that has units related to creative or sustainable business, however I realized that they were hiring undeclared cleaners. I wanted to address this problem and therefore decided to create this company to hire them properly. This opened up a possibility to help other people in the same situation elsewhere. Domestic helpers in flats, often women with migration backgrounds, also usually work in the "black market" and have no protection against exploitation. Therefore the Clean Collective has been set up to give security and to support migration people in leading a self-determined, independent and fear-free life in Germany.”

Olivia Reynolds, Founder

Contact Us

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Clean Collective Lobe Block - Böttgerstr. 16 13357 Berlin Germany
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